Current Production

Condensed Literature:
The Iliad

DIrected by Thomas Dimmick
Feburary 22nd - 24th

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Karen Hansord as Homer B, Athena, Andromache
Kala Dunkin as Helen, Hera, Greek Caller, Odysseus, Ensemble 3, Player A
Keegan Zykowski as Paris, Random Greek, Patroclus, Dolon, Polydamus, Xanthus, Scales 2
Alyssa Burton as Menelaus, Thetis, Pandarus, Ajax, Phoenix, Ensemble 2, Priam
Hock Edwards as Agamemnon, Aphrodite, Random Trojan, Ensemble 1, Player B, Scales 1
Nic Doig as Achilles, Apollo, Diomedes, Sleep
Rhys Hyatt as Chryses, Zeus, Hector, Nestor, Hephaestus
Sam Stopforth as Homer A, Jimmy Fallon, Roan Beauty


Thomas Dimmick - Director
Anna Weir - Costume Design
Chelsea Johnson - Publicity